My Picks for Ludum Dare 44

25th May 2019

Categories: Game Development

I recently took part in Ludum Dare 44. For the uninitiated, Ludum Dare is a hackathon in which participants make a game in 48 hours. The following is my list of personal highlights from the games I played.

Space Struggle

Screenshot of the game 'Space Struggle'

An fun little rogue-like game in the style of FTL, in which you jump from planet to planet in an attempt to reach your home world, while running from an approaching armada of hostile ships. Nice pixel-art graphics and fun gameplay.

Pay Me In Blood

Screenshot of the game 'Pay Me In Blood'

Like Sokoban with a dark sense of humour. You must create tiles of your own blood and push them in a hole. Well thought-out puzzles and the feeling of a polished experience.

MÖÖM Mafia

Screenshot of the game 'MööM Mafia'

Surreal in almost every way. Strange (but nice) graphics and music to match. Not for everyone, but worth checking out.

Blood Alchemist

Screenshot of the game 'Blood Alchemist'

Definitely one of the most complete games I played in the Ludum Dare 44 compo. Cute, retro graphics and interesting game play.

Shameless Plug

You can play my Ludum Dare 44 entry here.