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C: Making our Bubble Sort Flexible

1st January 2019

Last time we implemented a basic bubble sort algorithm in C. It only worked on strings, and was thus very limited. In this article we will be making a more flexible bubble sort that can work on any type.

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C: Programming a Bubble Sort

20th December 2018

A bubble sort is one of the most basic ways to sort data. It is not efficient but the simplicity makes it a good place to start understanding the concepts. Today we will be implementing a bubble sort in C.

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BASH: Writing a simple Backup Script

17th November 2018

Today we will be looking at how to write a simple Backup script using BASH and various Unix tools. Our script will determine the destination path and input file names by reading a plain-text file. It will then compress the input files into an archive in the destination path.

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C: Basic Performance Testing on Linux

2nd November 2018

It can often be useful to use a high-resolution timer when programming, for example for performance testing or for real-time applications like video games. In this article we will be looking at how to do this on Linux with clock_gettime.

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